Gonzaga 84, Illinois 78 POSTGAME

Los Angeles
Everyone knew Trent was taking the last two, but when down 2, I think a play for Giorgi with Trent getting double teamed might have been better. That said Trent single handedly played alpha dog, when no one else wanted to or could. Kudo's to Trent for making all tournament and showing the rest of ILLINI and the fanbase to not give up!
He wasn't double teamed! He had a big switched on to him for a major mismatch advantage.
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AJ did have had a tough stretch there at the end, but IMO we aren't even in that position to tie the game if it wasn't for his play in the first half and his rebounding overall. Not sure where the hell the rebounding came from but I can't complain considering the state of our front court depth
We are gitting crushed at the 4 position because kipper is underperforming and aj is trying to step in.
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griffin looks like a positive. can shoot and had a very nice move cutting into the lane and finishing.
Early on here, Griffin is looking like a very savvy pickup. Made a good cut to the basket and also hit some 3's, one of which was a really quick fire off of a screen. He wasn't even set.

Definitely does not look like the game is too fast for him.
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And Trent had the best performance in this tournament so far! And that's including all the top 10 teams in the tournament! Duke even! With the top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rated recruits in the nation on their team! Lottery guys in the NBA draft! Please stop hating!
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What better shot are you alluding to? Did we have open looks at the rim all night? An open three is wildly more efficient than say, a Giorgi post up. Did you want him to get the same look but for 2? I don't think you understand what high percentage means.
Did you miss the part where Giorgi put down 17 tonight, primarily in the paint?

I don't think you understand what high percentage means. A layup is certainly a higher percentage shot than a three-pointer, all else being equal, and the fact that we are even arguing that is kind of ridiculous. If one player hits 40% of their threes and another hits 80% of their layups, which is higher percentage? Please tell me.
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He wasn't double teamed! He had a big switched on to him for a major mismatch advantage.
They were showing double or pushing double with a switch in some instances, either way, he was the hot hand as usual and you ride the hot hand or use him as a decoy generally. If used as a decoy, my thought, Giorgi being high post position would have had a fairly easy inside bucket. Either way great game!
I thought Griffin earned some future minutes with his play, especially in the second half and at the end of the game.

That said, Play Griffin and Jones instead of Kipper and AJ. Just be done with the Groce era and play for the future. Idc if they’re ready or not...
AJ guarded a player most of the night much bigger than him and got 10 rebounds for us with some offense...are you crazy, no freshman would have done that, and I dare say the 2 of them wouldn't have been able to do that together!