Groce / Akron Lawsuit

Agree it's a bad look. Not sure what transpired, or what the normal process is for evaluating injuries, but if they thought he was ok...well, they missed pretty badly.

I think one thing that will come up is whether it was assault that should have been reported to the police, and who needed to do so. Hard to say much without knowing the facts. But you look at some of the other recent scandals involving supervising athletes, and covering up or ignoring an incident can result in more trouble than the incident itself.

I'll take a wild stab at the outcome: after the initial posturing, they settle and it goes away. Winning will cure it completely; losing will turn it into a strike against him when/if he's canned.
Per the article he was arrested, prosecuted, pled guilty and was sentenced.
The language in the summary article indicates that the lawsuit is more of a harassment lawsuit than a discrimination lawsuit.

I'd like to see the entire complaint before deciding what the lawsuit is really about and what parts of the lawsuit are against who.

If the plaintiff's lawyer is doing his/her job, the lawyer would want to sue the university and Coach Groce who have insurance and their own money. The other player probably does not have any money or insurance to pay a judgment.

If the other player did not have a prior history of violence, punched the plaintiff at practice, and Coach Groce stepped in to stop the beating, I don't see how Coach Groce could be liable.

As noted, we are just seeing a short summary article by a writer who probably knows very little of legal terms with reference to the complaint (the complaint is what the plaintiff will try to prove at trial). The fact that the other player pled guilty shows that something criminal likely happened but the plea does not say anything about Coach Groce or the University in-and-of itself.

Also, Akron can't be sued for having a terrible football team.