Gus Johnson and CBS part ways

The patron saint of March Madness buzzer-beaters will not be calling the NCAA tournament next year. has learned that CBS Sports recently parted ways with Gus Johnson, a play-by-play mainstay on its college basketball coverage for 16 years, after the two sides could not agree on a new deal. Johnson has also worked as a play-by-play voice for the network's NFL coverage since 1998.
I don't get it - Nantz is a Nancy who bores hell outta me. Gus is worth 10 Nantz. Booo CBS.
The camera never lies
Yeah i don't know why they always gave Jim Nantz the big games.... he made NCAA championship sound like the Masters when Duke barely beat Butler. No passion and no emotion. Hopefully fox picks him up.
I know my friend Fev will disagree with me here, but I really do think there's something special about hearing an exciting and important game called by Gus. Nobody else relishes the big moment and makes it BIG like Gus. It would be disappointing if he didn't get to call any games in the most exciting event in sports.
+2. Clark calls the game. Gus generates sound bytes. I'm one who will be happy to see him move on. Wouldn't mind having him disappear from the BTN either.
I wouldnt just not mind...I would absolutely love it! Imo the one of the most annoying sportscasters/anchors in the buisness. Right on par with Stu Scott, Cris Berman,Dukey V and Digger Phelps.
I'm not a fan of Nantz, though he's okay. Raftery is awful and I'm fed up with his contrived style. I used to like Clark Kellogg, but he has become a stuffed shirt and self-impressed. Reggie Miller? Abominable. I do enjoy Len Elmore--understated, non-hyperbolic (Gus could learn a lesson here), and knowledgeable.

I don't genuflect at the Gus Johnson shrine and consider him overrated, but he is popular with many people. Should CBS have kept him? Their call.

Best single announcer: Steve Lavin (alas, now setting the world on fire at St. Johns).

Best duo: Lavin and Brent Musberger, hands down. No competition there. Again, alas!
Business of Ratings

It just shows, CBS is in the business of ratings, how many fans watch their broadcasts. Contrary to the gnashing of teeth with many on the board with Gus Johnson's departure, the bottom line appears, obviously, what he brought to the network, in their view point, and his salary expectations, were not in line. Though, if he was not expendable, they would have reached a deal. FOX didn't seem to have a problem, but then again, his expectations may have been adjusted, after being shown the door by CBS?

I enjoyed Gus providing commentary, but too much caffeine for me, to put him ahead of other talking heads, out there, supporting the play-by-play. Give me the Lavin, Bardo types.

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Gus Johnson will call a few Big Ten football games, 30-35 Big Ten basketball games this upcoming season, and might possible still do a few March Madness games.
Johnson says he "lost a lot of sleep over" leaving CBS' NCAA basketball tournament coverage. But as far as Fox is concerned, Shanks says, Johnson might not have worked his last CBS broadcast. CBS, whose NCAA coverage is now done jointly with Turner Sports, has used announcers moonlighting from other networks, such as ESPN's Jay Bilas and Len Elmore. Shanks says: "As a fan, I think Gus' voice belongs on March Madness."
And a couple football games too! RT @IlliniHoops: Great news, Gus Johnson will call 30-35 basketball games on @BigTenNetwork next year

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Awesome. I love Gus. It'll be nice to hear him on broadcasts especially cause I'll be graduated and not able to make it up for hardly any games.
I forgot about Bilas, another top-drawer announcer. If I could have my pick, I'd take Lavin, Musberger, Bilas, and Elmore. Johnson is good and really animated, but I tire of his overly energized style (somebody said "too much caffein" which is a perfect description).

Gus is one of the best IMO, Bilas also. Doubt if Lavin is going to broadcast many games for awhile so will not include him in this. Gus is one of the few I tune into any game just to listen to him.