How to watch the Illini

Baja Ontario
Yeah, I imagine there are a lot of options if you are willing to pay $50 a month or more. Weird, huh?
A very consumer friendly option for a content provider is most certainly weird in comparison to cable companies, in my experince. PlayStation Vue at $55, plus taxes where applicable, adds NFL Network and is close in cost. But currently there are no other options at or below $50, that can match the sports content. If you cannot do without cable, then adding live streaming would be cost prohibitive and highly redundent, no doubt.
TV Games:
Any game that is live on FOX/BTN will be offered live on the FoxSports (NOT FoxSportsGO) App. Unfortunately, Game Replays are now only offered with a $ubscription to BTN+. You will need to DVR the game if you want to re-watch it without a BTN+ subscription. The BTN+ game replay library does included CBS/ESPN/ABC broadcasts as well, not just FOX/BTN.

Non-TV Games (Stream Only):

Offered with BTN+ Subscription ONLY, on the BTN+ App. Available Live or for replay. This should be available on Roku, Chromecast and PC. I think also Apple TV and firestick but I do not have those devices to confirm.

This is very helpful. Thanks.