Illini Baseball 2019

In at least one poll, the Illini are #25! Pretty darned good for a northern team.
Woohoo! Really hoping we can make the Tournament this year, I love baseball and would really become a lot more into college baseball if the Illini could have regular Tournament appearances. Don't get me wrong, I already follow the team and stuff, but that one year with our 27-game winning streak or whatever was a whole other level. Keep it rollin', boys!
Baseball - always has been my favorite sport.

But I'm hung up on unis. I fervently hope Illini wear those pinstripes with the sleeveless tops, jerseys, vests, whatever. Classy, baby!

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Really hope they can get back to Omaha this year, 2015 was a blast. College baseball I feel like is an underrated gem of a postseason.
I have always wanted to go to the college world series and am so sad that B1G teams are such a rarity in it. So great to see the team off to such an awesome start!