Illini Baseball 2019

I understand why we threw our number 2 starter yesterday, we are playing to win, once we were defeated why not go with number 3 against a not good team then bring back our ace in game 3 while everyone else is throwing there number 3 starter. GO ILLINI
Got to stop this slump. Get out of loser bracket. Good luck - and great pitching - ILLINI!
Terrible baseball the last couple weeks of the season and a team a few weeks ago considered a possible host is gone in 2 and an Ofer in postseason. The steal of second down 2 (initially out) just shows heads not in the game at all. Anyway, on to next year. Good recruits still coming so we'll be back

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I'd argue the biggest issue is the lack of top-quality hitting. The pitching isn't dominant but quite good. Defensively this team is very good.

That loss should make the Illini a 3 seed, which doesn't much matter as long as you're in the tournament.
The pitching was my concern going in and was the reason for the early exit going out. Letting up 8 runs and 7 runs, respectively, isn't going to win many series at any level beyond High School Freshman Baseball.
I watched scUM take out top ranked UCLA this weekend to advance to the CWS. I think the big story was scUM’s pitching pretty much shutting down UCLA’s bats in all three games (scUM would have won in 2 but for a terrible 9th inning error in game 2). First time scUM has gotten to Omaha since 1984. Damn, why can’t us Illini fans have nice things every now and then?