Illini Basketball 2019-2020

This isn't meant as a knock on Kipper, but the good news is I think last year's version of Kipper was his absolute floor. I'd be surprised if he doesn't show improvement this year (he can only go up, right?). Even a modest 6-8 pts a game and a few boards will help this team.
I'm resigned to seeing more of the same. He'll be better, but I don't see him playing with the level of confidence we hoped he might have. Our roster situation put enormous pressure on anyone taller than 6' 6 and he did his best to play as a big. I could see him being a guy who wins a game or two for us.
Very excited to see these guys play together. If they can mesh, on both ends, will be a Very good team. Will find out if Underwood's magic is real. Still fear relying on Freshman, if for no other reason now they react to the college game and how the refs react to them. Looking forward to next Nov. Schedule is going to be better/easier, freshman become veterans (otherwise known as Sophomores).

Beach Houses up for the Tournament bets.

Not Pollyannaish, optimistic.
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That appears to be a pretty big spread, but maybe it really isn't. Suggests the true competitiveness of college basketball.
To me, it suggests we have a team that can be better than last year(which was really bad) and see some postseason play or we can be a team that shows significant growth and can ride an All American caliber guard for a bit.

This is still a team that came off of one of the worst seasons (statistically) in school history and still lost to Iowa by 20 in their last game of the season.

This team needs to see ANY type of postseason play in a bad, bad way. At some point, BU has to quit selling "vision" and start selling results.

A winning record and postseason games(NIT or NCAA) really is a must have.
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Kofi has to take it easy; they don't want to be replacing rims every single practice.