Illini Basketball 2019-2020

Ayo returning is a big win for everybody, after watching the draft there is no doubt Ayo will be a lottery pick. Nothing with help BU more than having a fighting Illini called on draft day.
I’m a big fan of Ayo, but realistically I don’t see him as a lottery pick.
As mentioned previously, he’s just not that athletic or as fast. His lateral movement on defense is slow too. In the NBA he’ll get eaten alive on the defensive end currently. I’ll buy that he may be one of the top 5 PG’s available, but not sure about him being one of the 10 best in the draft.
Nothing is absolute, and the draft has some curveballs; but let’s see how confident we are in where he lands when the season is over.
His draft stock will be tied to his leadership abilities, and getting this team to the tournament. Where he lacks in athleticism, he’ll have to make up for in IQ, facilitating, court vision, improving defense, and winning instinct.
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Trent, Ayo, Tevian, Kofi, Giorgi, Andres, Alan, Kipper, DaMonte, Samba. Very solid 1-10 and a very capable bench. If the first 5 start this season as many predict, then 4 out of the 5 on the bench have started games. I think that makes for a pretty good bench.
Agree but need size to relieve Kofi and Giorgi and not sure where Samba is at this point. Also like to see DaMonte in the guard rotation with Ayo, Trent, and Dre. At times need the fourth and certainly need him there in the future when Ayo and Dre are gone. Believe he can drive the ball and would certainly be a pain to an opposing PG.
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Illinois ranked #20 in Andy Katz's newest Power 36 rankings. See it here. They were #21 in his previous ranking and up from #36 in his first ranking after the Final Four.

Way, way too early. Even before the schedules are out. Oh well, that #20 nationally equates to #5 in B1G and that seems about right for BT.
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Don’t forget Andy Katz works for the BTN. You can go both ways....he watches more big ten and likes ILL or BTN pays the bills. Great publicity though.
Andy Katz also had BU as the number 2 overall hire of that coaching carousel after Archie. So he has personal stake in BU’s success for his credibility.
I never like to see a young team ranked early. More often than not, they believe the hype. I’m certain that’s not a problem with Ayo, but I’d much rather work our way up as we prove we deserve it. On the other hand, if this helps us sign a couple 5 stars in the fall I’ll take all the hype I can get!
Not a rejoinder but I have seen a few "way too early" pre season rankings and Illinois is not listed in the top 25 so maybe we don't have to worry too much about them believing the hype. Or maybe they will see that someone has faith in them and the other ratings services do not and will try to prove something. Anyway, my question is what is Katz's power ratings? Since it has the word "power" in the title I figure it is something other than a regular rating/ranking?
I think this is right...Power rankings attempt to rank teams by how good they are, regardless of record. The top 25 is a power ranking. In the NBA it's useful, or in the context of a NCAA conference. Say Indiana has a better record than wisconsin in the big ten, but Wisconsin looks like a better team due to their SOS. Wisconsin might rank higher in a power ranking, but not in the standings.
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Andy Katz also had BU as the number 2 overall hire of that coaching carousel after Archie. So he has personal stake in BU’s success for his credibility.
Saying a ‘personal stake’ is a bit much. It’s not personal. He does watch/write about more BigTen games so he has a bias. But even when he was with espn, I found him to be mostly fair in his easements.