Illini Basketball 2019-2020

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I went onto the team page and was looking over the roster. Is this really the title for our Mens BB coach?

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I'll definitely be at the Grand Canyon game and might make the 2 hour drive to Tucson for that game as well. The GCU game is a trap, they're a good team that nearly made the tournamant each of the last two years. The students there are very into the team and will make it a tough environment. Will be a good early test, but if we're looking ahead to the Arizona game we could easily lose.
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Safe to assume that Griffin took the photo then, or is there something even more cryptic that should be read into his absence?
Maybe, but where is his open seat at the table?
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Depends on the assumptions you use. My back of the envelope says ~$54M
I'd guess more than that, but I don't know U of I's endowment spending policy. Of course that isn't what the Richmonds donated, just like the Smith family that has their name on the football center didn't pay for the whole thing. Looking at U of I foundation website, minimum gift to name a deanship is $5M.
Is there an attorney that can explain the difference in not being able to make a judgement on NC's scholastics but able to judge Chad's courses! It would seem Kouma would have a lawsuit on its affecting his future earnings because of a lack of a college degree. Probably something I don't understand or know but would think the NCAA would have some liability.
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Gentry, for those who may not know, was one of Underwood's 3 assistants at Stephen F. Austin, and was the DOBO for him at Oklahoma State. He was here in the same role for five minutes before being hired by Gonzaga.

I called for this exact move somewhere in some postgame or postseason thread somewhere. Gentry was intimately involved with installing and teaching UnderwoodBall when it worked like gangbusters. That's a valuable commodity that was totally stripped from the initial staff, but now we've got it.

My optimism for this basketball season just went from lukewarm to moderate!
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I agree. I believe it was Second and Chalmers who bemoaned the lack of continuity between Underwoods SFA and Oklahoma St. staffs and his crew at Illinois. Bringing Gentry back is excellent. I wonder if Walker's role is a non-recruiting role, since usually only the Assistant Coaches can recruit off-campus. I think it also sets Jamal up for finding a new job elsewhere, and having it feel more like a transition rather than either a firing, or him jumping ship.
Depends on the assumptions you use. My back of the envelope says ~$54M
I'm guessing maybe they just covered the difference between what we were paying and the new salary... so maybe more in the $10M-$20M but either way, if you're going to put your name on the coaching position, you'd think you'd get an announcement.
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I hope any coaching changes result in better closing on recruits. Anyone know the skinny on recruiting? Is this an upgrade?
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