Illini Basketball 2020-2021

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Is this what it feels like to run into an ex-GF somewhere, and she has moved on, great things happening for her, and you tell her you are happy for her, but on the inside you're dying?

Because I really want the best of Ayo and Kofi, long NBA careers where they win lots of games and make generational type wealth for them and their families. But I really really really want them back for 1 more year...
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good for them. shows that apparently no expert anywhere knows anything when it comes to who NBA teams are interested in
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Great news for both of them, and the team! As fans these premature goodbyes are something we will hopefully grow accustomed to.

It would’ve been great to have them on the roster for another year, but both of them getting invited to the combine and hopefully drafted is great for everyone.

I’m curious did Fitts or Garza receive invatations?
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Somewhere, Luke Garza just smiled and exhaled.
It don't matter. The enduring image of Luke Garza's final collegiate game is him on his back on the SFC floor after the final buzzer, and Kofi stepping over him, fist raised in triumph, having stuffed his last-second shot. And the crowd going nuts. Even if there's no hoops until 2021 that memory will tide me over nicely.
So now I’m confused, this list looks like the 105 previously reported. Somehow I thought it would get whittled down, but being in this list of 105, with 60 spots wouldn’t make me feel that much gives someone a chance to play into the draft, maybe, if it really happens with live basketball & doesn’t just turn into some individual measurements.
Congrats to both of these guys. It's great to see all their hard work pay off for them (and hopefully it does in the form of actually being drafted). Our team this season will surely miss them (assuming there is even a season) but I do think this will pay dividends in the long run (again, assuming they get drafted).
A source tells ESPN that the NBA has sent emails informing select players they've been selected to attend the NBA Combine, with a disclaimer that no decisions have been made about a date, format, location, or even if a Combine will actually occur.

The NBA is asking players to complete a pre-Combine questionnaire before July 31 and promises more information regarding the date, format and location of a potential NBA Combine "as those details become available."

The NBA says that the Combine has been postponed "due to the evolving coronavirus situation." Also says that the purpose of this email is "to notify you of your standing invitation as the league office continues to monitor the pandemic," and consults with various experts.

I don't have an official number, but based on which players I'm told have and haven't gotten emails, I'd guess that around 60 invitations went out.. Likely more can/will go out as players decline their invite or fail to respond by July 31st.
What's a typical number of international players drafted each year?
We got two years out of Ayo. As much as I had hoped. He had a great year. Never got March, but good for him.
Not ready for Kofi to be gone. We are not a team that can absorb a loss like him yet.

Many here keep talking about how great this will be for the program. I am not there. Once we start loosing players to the NBA and still can compete at the top of the Big Ten, alright. But we are not there yet. We are still a program where one player can make or break a team. So no, I am not exited for Kofi yet.
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Good Luck to them. Both could use another year, Kofi especially, but what do I know. I'll certainly be watching to see how this works out, but I'm guessing that 'the G league trap' which Ramrod discussed above is going to be a real thing.
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