Illini Basketball 2020-2021

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On Kofi.. the IllWBB ig says official summer workouts start in 5 days. So would the men be following. Therefore maybe he is just visiting home before official workouts start.
Men’s basketball workouts start July 20th Per Scott Richey.
What if he is just going home for a month before he comes back for the start of school? Does the team have to stay on campus for workouts in July?
While I hope you are right, he’s been on campus all summer, so why would he go now when workouts are set to begin? Not sure what exactly, but something must be up. He still has 3 weeks to decide on the draft. Wouldn’t you think he’d stay on campus to workout even if he doesn’t come back for next season?
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Would love to have Kofi back obviously. Most concerned about rebounding/low post defense. However, I could imagine a lineup of this below which offensively could be really, really good. Again, D will be an issue. However, it gives a chance for Hawkins/Verdonk to possibly get playing time too.


Curbelo (27 mpg)(turn the keys over to elite, playmaking, distributing point guard)/backup of Frazier/Hutch - 13 mpg left
Frazier (27 mpg)/Hutch/Miller/Monte (13 mpg left)
Miller (25 mpg)/Hutch/Monte/Grandison - 15 mpg left
Grandison (25 mpg)/Monte/Hawkins/Verdonk - 15 mpg left - I think a little of Monte and around 10ish for Hawkins
Giorgi (27 based on backups)/Verdonk/Hamlin/ - 13 mpg - Verdonk for 9 minutes and Hamlin for a few for rebounding/defense.

Basically after starting lineup and minus Center lineup, I count 56 minutes for mainly Monte', Hutch' and some Hawkins as backup minutes sprinkle a little Verdonk at the 4. I think Hutch/Monte will get around 20 mpg each and that leaves about 15-16 mpg for Hawkins and a little more for Verdonk.

I really like our spacing and shooting (ironic change) for offense this year. However, rebounding and post d is going to be a big issue. Shot blocking will be limited unless Hamlin has picked up game more and/or developed a little more offensively. I think Verdonk could play some 5 at least bulk wise. I saw he lost weight and is supposed to be more mobile. If he is less robotic, then I think we may have a surprise and he could help immensely and play a lot at the 4 to help with rebounding. Monte is a heck of a rebounder and for that reason will play a lot of minutes to help with rebounding at the 3 and 4. I think his shooting will be more consistent at he was at end of year and his senior year (last hurrah). We will also be losing Dre's rebounding to help with small ball outside of Kofi lineups.

Probably will not make the tourney, but could be a threat too if our offense is so good (shooting, spacing, high iq players).

Otherwise, if we lose both Kofi/Ayo, in 2021, we should be really good by developing Curbelo, Miller, Grandison, Hutch and maybe someone like Verdonk, a senior Giorgi and depends on recrutis coming in. Hope Jones commits to provide size and hopefully Mac Etienne joins too....
That line up looks like a lot of scoring. I was really expecting Kofi back, but when he delayed the rumored withdrawal from the draft, and then radio silence, I started to get worried. I hope, for his sake, somebody told him to stay in the draft, because they were taking him. I hope he is listening to the right people.
While I hope you are right, he’s been on campus all summer, so why would he go now when workouts are set to begin? Not sure what exactly, but something must be up. He still has 3 weeks to decide on the draft. Wouldn’t you think he’d stay on campus to workout even if he doesn’t come back for next season?
To bastardize Thomas Paine a bit ... "you cannot [impose reason upon or inject logic into situations whose only applicable adjective is "fluid"] ... the use of either it is like administering medicine to the dead".

While he could have been doing numerous things in C-U, unless he got a call or was taken recently by the idea of playing abroad, you asked the million dollar question. I hope that Timj83's scenario turns out to be that this is indeed a quick break to see his family before it is time to GSD; the value-add by staying in this system for another year and working with OA seems greater than other scenarios. But as we all know ... unless it is fused or fixed, it is fluid, man.
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He is large.

(edit: You ever just say a word repeatedly, and the more you say it, the less it seems to be a real word? Large. Large large large. I'm not even sure this is a real word anymore.)
Thanks, Kap. I hadn’t noticed. I’m wondering if anyone has seen him or knows that he has, in fact, fled the scene. Guess it doesn’t matter. Probably not going to be a season anyway since life as we knew it seems to have ineluctably ended.

try saying ineluctably over and over again. Not even sure that was le mot juste. I just like it.
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I hope to [insert preferred deity] that this is more than just standard preseason hype. BBV could be a monster if he can put it all together.
Only worry that BU said the same type of thing about Kipper before his jr season and it seemed he regressed. Lost weight, was quicker and in great shape didn’t translate well.
It's a shame that the NCAA expects players to make a committed decision regarding their own individual futures while the NCAA has yet to make their own commitment.

There are about 350 coaches, and 5000 players. IMO, the coaches should be the one bearing the burden with respect to the roster, not the players. The NCAA should waive the transfer sit year; as well as, allow players to remain in the draft.

Let the players remain in the draft even after the season starts. Who cares? So what if Ayo and Kofi end up leaving early in the season whether its to the NBA, G League, or overseas? Who suffers from that? The coaches because they now need to play a lesser skilled, or younger player? I don't see that as a strong enough consideration to in turn restrict a players freedom.

Ayo and Kofi should be allowed to practice with the team, sign a deal with an agent as long as they do not receive advance compensation, and remain in the draft until either the combine is completed, or the draft takes place. That should not impact their eligibility, or the ability to practice and play with their collegiate team. It's pathetic the NCAA hasn't yet made this policy change.

Edit: NBA draft is October 16th with Free Agency starting October 18th. The NCAA basketball season generally doesn't begin until the 1st week of November. The NCAA should allow players to retain eligibility while they remain in the draft, and negotiate free agency. This will only affect a small percentage of players anyways.
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I’m optimistic about BBV but adjustment expectations to account for regularly inflated offseason hype, I’m hoping we can expect him to be a solid rotation player this year. That would be a big jump from last year, and he still has several more years in the program to come into his own.
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