Illini Basketball 2020-2021

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Ayo's not coming back - mentally prepare yourself for that
I think we all have prepared for Ayo to stay in the draft. But we are set up with just fine with Curbelo and Miller. I cant wait to watch those two. If Kofi decides to stay in the draft, I wish him nothing but the best, and its great for the program, but we are not quite as ready to replace that beast of a man.
This image should tell you everything you need to know about AyoView attachment 6208
While there was and is always a chance, (insert meme), this was always the likely outcome in spite of some rosy optimism by some posters. Final answer coming soon for those who refuse to give up hope.
Have assumed all along that Ayo was gone and good with that. He seems ready to my unprofessional eye but didn’t expect to see Kofi leave. Did think he would make a significant impact, but expected foul problems and less playing time. Loved Giorgi as a freshman at the position but Kofi’s size makes such a difference on defense.
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I would have invited Ayo to the combine just to see how the leaps in his physical development translate to the court and to his measurables. Those short clips screamed untapped potential.

Glad to hear he got an invite!
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