Illini Basketball Staff Extensions Announced

Three Years Added to Underwood Agreement

Underwood's new contract moves his base salary to $3.4 million, which ranks in the upper quartile of the Big Ten Conference and in the Autonomy Five conferences. He will receive annual increases that will grow his salary to $4.0 million for the 2025-26 season, the last year of the extension. Underwood is also in line to earn a new $750,000 retention bonus if he concludes the contract's new term as the Illinois head coach. If Underwood were to accept a coaching position elsewhere, he would owe the university an $8 million buyout, which will decrease each year of the agreement. The contract also allows for a series of subsequent extensions each time the team reaches the NCAA Tournament from 2022 to 2025, with the potential to extend the agreement through 2030.

As part of the extensions for the assistant coaching staff, DIA is increasing the salary pool for the on-court assistant coaches by more than 25 percent. Assistant coaches Orlando Antigua, Ron Coleman and Stephen Gentry will have agreements that run through the conclusion of the 2022 season. Strength and conditioning coach Adam Fletcher agreed to an extension through the 2022 season as well.
Yup. Good on some heat from donors to do this. Finally learning to look the other way if you catch my drift.
Is Walker a part of this deal? If I remember correctly, that was the implied reason for his “promotion”/demotion.
i do get your drift. i wonder if it is unusual that the assistants only get a short extension?
it seems that could send a message.