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OF COURSE it was a bad choice. I don't think there was any malicious or even inappropriate intent, but to say this ad wasn't poorly put together is as myopic as the ad itself. Do I have a problem with it? Not really -- I understand the context. Would I approve this advertisement if I was in charge of marketing? 0% chance.
I would argue that it's intentionally so.

Like Deadspin said, "they're ******** with us, right?"
Of all the things to worry about these days... and THIS is setting people off? LOL GIVE ME A BREAK... Relax and go drink a beer folks. Yikes people are too overly sensitive. Penn State made their bed and now they can lay in it. (No pun intended for the whiners out there.) People are acting as if we are the only University who may,or may not be producing a tounge-in-cheek statement towards them. Get over it and quit reading into things too much. It's just silly.
Rockford, Illinois
I'm just sad that anyone would make anything disgusting out of something so genuinely caring and beautiful. That photo would have been and still should be treasured by John Groce and his son forever as one of the highlight moments of his first year tenure at Illinois.
would not recognize Groce either

Lol so you're saying most people wouldn't know that that's John Groce's son? That seems pretty obvious to me. Would people just think John Groce picked up a random kid to scream at?

This is a non-issue that people looking for website hits made an issue.

Most people would not recognize Groce for that matter

Agreed non-issue.

No one with an once of intelligence would believe that this type of promotion was down with malice and forethought.
Am I the only one who found that photo to be a bit creepy even before it was taken out of context here? Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the situation and it is a great, timely photo. But anytime you have a grown man clutching a shirtless boy and yelling into his mouth it's going to be misinterpreted by someone.

But, yeah, this should be a non-story for those who have seen the pic before, i.e. the people the ad caters to.
Personally I think the 50 logo is really offensive to people from the state of Nebraska as it has subtle undertones that imply unacceptable abuse, especially Big Bird and Elmo. Someone needs to fire every employee from the U of I DIA immediately.
For Denver area Illini fans, got this email this weekend from the Rocky Mountain Illini Club...

Denver Nuggets

Brooklyn Nets featuring Deron Williams

Friday March 298, 2013 - Pepsi Center
Tip Off at 7 pm
As you all probably know, Deron Williams played for the Illini from 2002 through 2005. The Brooklyn Nets have confirmed Deron's interest in a brief get together with the Illini Alumni in Denver before his game.

The Nuggets have agreed to provide tickets to our group at 50% off the normal price!!

The first 60 tickets purchased through this offer will entitle ticketholders to sit courtside with the Illini group to watch the pre-game shoot around, and the potential for a Meet & Greet with Deron.

- We have 60 tickets on the Upper Level Center (Section 344) for $20 and 25 tickets at the Lower Level Corners (Section 144) for $40.
- Here is the link to purchase your tickets:
- To sit courtside and meet Deron you will need to be at the Pepsi Center at 5:15pm when we will be escorted into the arena.
- Game time is 7pm on Friday March 29th.
- We anticipate that Deron will be available for a few minutes for a group picture and to say hi. Please don't ask for individual photographs because of time constraints.
- The first 60 who purchase tickets will be allowed courtside and the remaining are "waitlisted" in order of purchase. Waitlisted people will be selected for no shows or to replace ineligible situations.
- Please wear school colors for our group photo!!
- Ticketholders must be part of the Illini Club "family", so please don't offer this deal up to outsiders.
- These are all based on our best efforts. No guarantees can be made, i.e. Deron could be injured at the time and not accompany the team. Cheap tickets and a courtside view of warmups is still a great deal :)

Hope to see all of you there!

As of yesterday they had only sold 38 tickets.
A great job by the ticket office. Why let the seats be empty? 50 bucks for 4 seats is better than $0 for 5000 seats every time.
Great to hear!! It should be our expectation that the Hall is always sold out, at LEAST for every Big Ten home game. Great improvement this year. Props to the DIA and Illini Nation and, most of all, our fantastic team and coaching staff! I-L-L!