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If the Ford family does not sue something is wrong, we can learn from the NC people go to court lie and stonewall then back to court.This is Bu--sh--and we should fight this till opening day
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NCAA needs to be investigated by feds and have their monopoly stripped away; they should be abolished. The kids should be able to form a union and get paid just like any other students working for their school and bringing in that kind of revenue. The NCAA get tip offs that students don't have to go to classes (no problem), administration covers up rape to protect their football programs (no problem), student athletes getting paid tens of thousands of dollars (no problem), and if you're not a blue blood program it's triple secret probation and a hammer on scholarships. Journalists break the stories, the feds make the cases and the NCAA can't seem to find any wrongdoing. Their system doesn't work and they are unnecessary. Time to get rid of their organization entirely.
I'm not too well-versed in what to do in situations like this... here, would the tack be to bring a civil suit against the NCAA for emotional distress, or whatever, and shame them into doing the right thing?
100% disappointed in the current Luke situation. Glass half full outlook, our current targeted recruits see how passionate the coaching staff is about one of their players, another example of the "different feel" IL provides.
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As I recall, JW played tough. I think he has the stones to see this through to the bitter end. I'd like to see him flatten the NCAA.
Per Jeremy Werner from that 247sports article linked a couple pages back

A source said this is "the most disappointing thing I've been a part of." Illinois saw the writing on the wall last night with news on the Va Tech transfer, but they said this is still "in the first quarter."

They'll go through an informal reconsideration process that will include exchanging more info before going through the formal appeal process, which comes with a final decision.

Expect Lovie and Whitman to go through the media to fight this one, like Michigan did with Shea Patterson. I may have more on that tonight.

Illinois is pissed. They should be. While Luke really doesn't really fit the by-the-book parameters of the rule, the NCAA is so inconsistent with this stuff -- and they just don't really do the humane thing.

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My prediction is we go through all of the official appeal processes and appeals through media channels, as we very well should. The week before the Akron game NCAA final ruling comes down denying Luke’s appeal. He sits out the year. In 2020 NCAA announces “new, more lenient transfer rules to benefit all of our outstanding student athletes” allowing transfers in these cases. Thus,again, as with replay after the Michigan game fiasco and the out of bounds review against Miami, the NCAA is able to screw Illinois and giving us no benefit of their “new, improved” rules for student athletes. Happy to be wrong, but this is the way these things go and I have witnessed it for the last 40 years. NCAA is a f’ing joke!
According to Jeremy Werner, it was because Champaign is outside of a 100 mile radius of his hometown and his grandpa is not part of his immediate family, apparently those are a part of the rules.
This is so ridiculous. There is not a single FBS school within a 100 mile radius of his hometown. U. of Illinois is the closest. SIU is obviously closer, but some arbitrary mileage rule should not force a kid to either step down a competitive class or sit a year.
I don't see how that follows at all.

The fact is, there is no way to adjudicate this fairly.
Yeah I’m having trouble turning thoughts into words lol. By the letter of the law really none of these transfers should get waivers. I’m just trying to think of it as a cause and effect. Nobody wants to really say it but Fields had the weakest and hardest to prove waiver reason. But it was also the most “uncomfortable” one to tackle so the NCAA punted. Then, in my mind at least, they basically screwed over Martel so they found a loophole to allow him a free transfer.

Basically if they woulda just treated the Fields situation properly by rule, none of this other stuff would’ve happened. All the weak waiver requests would be denied and there would be the normal whining, but that’s it.
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I’ll be honest, I haven’t followed the off-season at all and know very little. How important was Ford expected to be for our season? Is not having him likely to cost us wins?
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I’ll be honest, I haven’t followed the off-season at all and know very little. How important was Ford expected to be for our season? Is not having him likely to cost us wins?
My guess is he would be the go to guy on third downs. I think I've seen him described as sure handed. We need someone else to step up.
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