Illini Football & CFB 2020

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I’m waiting for the NFL or Big10 to make a run at creating a VR experience with Oculus Quest or something. Charge 20 bucks to make it feel like you are in the stands. Connect it to friends Facebook accounts so you can sorta watch it together. How hard can it be?
Agree. Hopefully there is more to the story and he will be back at some point.
Not to speculate but returning cpuld be somewhat voluntary at this point. The program has been rightfully and respectfully quiet about the specific procedures in place.
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what I’ve read (not heard) is that Ricky has had some considerations before the pandemic and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he left the program. At this point, most insiders are expecting him to leave.
I have read the same and heard a reason, but I am not going to share until I hear it elsewhere.
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Should our transfers apply for a waiver? Can't hurt if they haven't. This shows the NCAA does what it wants to do. Why should they receive immediate playing time? I wonder if more will be heard later.
I think they all have. Here are my thoughts/questions though. Do they lose a year of eligibility if they sit out? I believe they do so in that case I hope they can all get a waiver. If they do not though then idt I would want them to get a waiver with all the uncertainty regarding the season. I would rather have them in the long run instead.
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