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I was looking at the course stats after one day and for the Illini, they are quite unusual.
Illinois has the 2nd best performance on par 3's, shooting 1 over par as a team.
But on par 4's, we are nearly the worst, shooting 29 over par.
Par 5's weren't good either, with the Illini at +5, while the field average appears to be about -1.
Sort of have to assume that we aren't getting off the tee very well.
Fix that and our iron play appears to be solid.
A bit of guessing, but that is what I'm hoping
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Apparently conditions are much friendlier today.
At 9:30 am, the teams on the course are a cumulative 7 under par.
Only 4 teams are over par, while 6 teams are under par.
Hope that holds until the afternoon, when we go out.
Apparently conditions are much friendlier today.
At 9:30 am, the teams on the course are a cumulative 7 under par.
Only 4 teams are over par, while 6 teams are under par.
Hope that holds until the afternoon, when we go out.
Which is unfortunate for us because we needed a lot of teams ahead of us to go out today and shoot poorly. Looking at the board as of now and not to many high numbers being posted. We are going to have to go out and shoot even or a little under par collectively to make up any ground at all.
OK State is clearly the class of the field. No other team is below par but the cowboys are -10. Really dominant
As of right now there are 8 teams in the club house at +18 or better. We currently stand +23 thru 4-6 holes. We really need to stay around that number, and not drop to many more going into tomorrow IMO.
It's important that they stay around +20, because the bottom 15 teams will get cut after the third round.
what is the format? Iirc 5 teams are dropped at the end of the day?
After three rounds the field for teams is cut to top 15 teams. I suspect there is also a cut for individuals, but as we don't have a Charlie Danielson playing for that title, I didn't look.

No cut today, btw
It's looking very unlikely that the Illini even make tomorrow's cut.

I guess it says a lot for your program when it seems like somewhat of a down year, even after winning four tournaments, including the B1G and the NCAA Regional.
I was hoping we'd be able to go into tomorrow around +25. Realistically I thought +30 was attainable and we'd have a good shot from there. Unfortunately the Illini weren't able to hold that number. Down 11 shots to the 15th place slot going into tomorrow doesn't look to good.
Teeing off in second to last group today. Guys will have a really good idea of what they need to shoot to advance.
Some positive Illini golf news: Luke Armbrust is playing in Western Junior at Rich Harvest week of 6/17.
According to Illini golf newsletter, Tommy Kuhl is in the field at Western Jr. at Rich Harvest.
Piercen Hunt, Hartland, WI, is the leader by 5 shots in the final round of the Western Junior Amateur at Rich Harvest Farms today.

By the way, he's an Illinois commit for 2020, choosing Illini over Auburn, Vanderbilt and Texas A&M. He's also considered the best high school player in Wisconsin. Won two state championships.

Luke Armbrust missed the cut at Rich Harvest.
Hunt is on 18th with a comfy lead. He wll win it. Congratulations, Piercen.

Piercen interesting: Hartland by way of Canada by way of Netherlands. Multi-lingual.

Mike Small walked a couple of holes with his new recruit the other day at RHF.

Now Small's off to Madison to play in American Family Stricker Senior event. Good Luck, Coach.

Illini will return to NCAA golf final four soon, I predict. They'd better: I got used to watching them in East Lake Cup every November.

P.S. Western Junior is an elite field: you got recruits to most major college programs.
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Good website: World Amateur Golf Ranking (

Ji last played 6/9 and missed cut at St. Andrews Links Trophy. Finished 4th at Dutch National Stroke Play and 2nd at Internationale de France.

According to website, he's 64 in world amateur rankings.*

Tommy Kuhl and Luke Armbrust play in Illinois Junior Amateur in Barrington next week.

Wish there were one site with info about where and when Illini players, current and alum, are playing this summer.

Can't help thnk of Jerry Gee when I look up Jerry Ji!

* His rankng is probably in the junor golf world. Pretty darned good.

Either I was mistaken or he wiithdrew, but Kuhl didn't play at Western Junior.
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Get the Illini golf (men and women) newsletter simply by checking out the Illini golf websites. Good info.

Who will replace Barlow as assistant coach? Too many recent Illini are playing professionally, so I rule them out. I hope the choice is a former Illini, but I'm sure Coach will pick the best candidate regardless of alumnification status. Then again, it's a question of purity of essence, and we must do everything to protect our precious bodily fluids.

I realize this ain't football or basketball, but I still find it very interesting since Illini golf is a real power in the collegiate golf world.
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