Illini Soccer 2018

Is there a movie on this flight?
Great win! Absolutely no reason we shouldn't be good. The Illinois youth soccer scene is very strong. Still unhappy we don't have a men's team (while fully understanding the rationale).
Awesome win, but for now I'm chalking it up as somewhat of a fluke. We lost both exhibition matches and the UNC match, and were picked 12th in the Big Ten. But I would love for the team to prove me wrong. Maybe they can build some momentum off this win and surprise people. Definitely gives some hope.
Western Suburbs
Compared to previous years, the soccer team has really shown a marked improvement. They play Northwestern this Thursday in Evanston.
Do they have a realistic shot, outside of winning the B1G tourney, to make the NCAA postseason?

I'm asking sincerely because I don't follow this as closely as other sports.