Illini Volleyball 2018

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Orange Krush Class of 2013
Stanford, CA
Awesome start, especially knocking off UW on their home turf! I'll be back in town for the opening weekend of games at Huff, can't wait to see the team in action.
Panama City, Florida
Not to mention #10 USC, who just lost to unranked UCF, is somehow receiving a #1 vote.
Definitely not justifying the #1 vote, but USC did beat the Gators, in Gainesville, last week. Their #10 probably isn't too far off. OTH, not sure how Washington moves up by beating the unranked Squawks and losing to us at home...???
8-0! Another sweep this morning, this time over UC Irvine. Should easily crack the top ten with the 3 teams ahead of us all losing (UCLA and USC each lost twice, and Florida somehow lost to Northern Arizona). Hopefully our success so far can translate to a huge crowd at Huff next weekend!
BIG with 5 teams in top 10 - no other conference has more than 1. We might be #8 in the country, but still only 5 in the BIG. Big weekend with #10 Creighton and #27 Northern Iowa. NIU has beaten Creighton and #20 Kentucky.
Kentucky is only 4-4 on the year. Lost to some pretty good teams - USC, UNI, Creighton and Texas. That said, they really haven't beaten anyone - Texas State, Kansas, Dayton and Charleston.
For those of you who have BTN+, Illinois is playing at Purdue at 6 tonight. Battle of 2 of the remaining 5 undefeated teams.
Captain 'Paign
Phoenix, AZ
When does the next AVCA poll come out? Beat Purdue and their next game or two and I'd think the Illini should jump up a few spots, maybe into the Top 5. There are a couple teams ahead of them that have more than one loss. Texas has 3 already and is somehow #5.
Panama City, Florida
I believe, they were down 17-12 in the 4th and came back to win it on the road. B1G is really tough, but could be a special year.
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