Illini Women's Basketball 2019-2020

Captain 'Paign
Phoenix, AZ
Nancy can coach. There's no question of that. But she is woefully under (wo)manned. It's near impossible to win in the B1G without big boy (girl) recruiting, and she needs to be able to do that or it's just not gonna work out. The women's bball talent pool is a whole lot thinner than the men's side, so the gap between the top teams and the bottom teams is much wider, so if you don't have the upper echelon talent you are going nowhere fast. Unfortunately just like the men's side the B1G might be the toughest and deepest conference of all of them. Tough transition to go from D3 to that level and acclimate to how things work, especially on the recruiting side. I suspect she'll get one more season after this and Josh will want to see improvement. Hopefully she'll be able to show some.
DeForest, Wisconsin
This is an embarrassingly poorly assembled team. I agree with BananaShampoo that Fahey can coach but her recruiting is incredibly poor. She may get one year but there are no immediate impact players coming in.
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Ugh, a 30 point loss today to a middle of the pack OSU team.