Illinois 120, Hampton 71 POSTGAME

Will be "careful" with my game summary:

Was blow out.

No schmack talk boys.
Honestly, I kind of missed the occasional "Schmack!!" To heck with the twitter bum, and whoever else, giving him lip about it!
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I liked seeing Griffin getting so many minutes this game. He contributed 19 points and 6 rebounds off the bench and I'll take that any time from my 6th man.
He was very impressive. I hope to see more of him. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing every bench player getting points too.
Paducah, Ky

“I feel like we’re getting better and better, that’s all I can say,” Dosunmu said. “It was the most complete game, we got the win. As the game is going were getting better and better. I’m glad we’re not peaking. We’re nowhere near our best. That’s something that should be scary for other teams in the country because we’re nowhere near our best. We’ve got a long ways to go. We’re getting better and better each game.”

Cockburn’s game was a continuation of his tear through his first six college basketball games. The 7-foot freshman is tied for the national lead with five double-doubles and is one of three Illinois basketball players in the last 10 years to have multiple games of 20 or more points and 12 or more rebounds, joining Malcolm Hill and Myers Leonard, who each also had two in a single season.
Who ever is the student announcer he was darn good. Enjoy him now, because he is the type of talent poached by the national networks. A little Brent Musberger to his game.
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Scott Sudicoff, a pro, was the lead announcer. The color commentator was Pasquale. He did a very good job on this game. I think Pasquale was the lead announcer in the "Schmack"-down contest.
While waiting for the Hampton game, watched a replay of the ot game against NW from last year. The physical difference between that team and this is immense. Substituting Kofi for Aaron in the lineup and the added strength off the bench sure changes the eye test.
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Is it known if a replay of this game is scheduled on BTN?
About 15 years back, in an important game, we had a point guard named Deron Williams who took only one shot in a game, had like 8 assists and held the other teams leading scorer to half his average. Today Trent did exactly what he was asked to do and did it very well.

Oh, that Williams kid missed the shot.