Illinois 23, Rutgers 20 Postgame

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I'm convinced. Which bowl are we going to get invited to?
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At least in 2020, we can still beat Rutgers
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Not sure what to say. Prolonging the inevitable. Way to go boys. You guys worked hard and got a win.
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Illinois might be bad, but at least not Rutgers bad.
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Wow that was some bad football. Congrats to the guys on a win. They played hard and outlasted Rutgers poor decisions.. Sorry, but I don’t see another win this year. IW certainly showed some potential, but Nebraska will have some scout material now. I don’t see him running free every game like he did today.
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McCourt needs to work on his victory celebration! Congrats fellas!
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Some terrible decisions in the last 3 drives. Our coaches continue to complicate when simple will work.
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A win is a win but that win is a win that you only get against Rutgers.
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Bottom half of the Big Ten standings as of right now:

1-2 Nebraska
1-2 Michigan
1-3 Illinois
1-3 Rutgers
1-3 Michigan State
1-3 Minnesota
0-4 Penn State

I think I predicted Michigan would be 0-3, but I otherwise nailed it in my pre-season predictions!
Baltimore, MD
Feel like IW should start moving forward, he’s our QB of the future imo. But suspect that Lovie is in win-now mode, so BP will be back out there
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Morris, IL
Rutgers: "You take the win"
Illinois: "No, you take the win"
Rutgers: "No, really, you take the win"
Illinois: "Ok"
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Good win on the road against a Rutgers team that isn't as terrible as usual. Probably still looking at 1-8, but it's still a win.
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Might be looking at 2 wins this year if Rutgers finishes the season as poorly as they played today and finishes in last!
Don’t make me watch us play Rutgers a second time. I’m begging you.
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