Illinois 24, Wisconsin 23 POSTGAME

Unbelievable! That saved Lovies job.
I hope not unless we actually turn the corner and win some more games this season. 1 win does not make up for the rest of the season. Today was AWESOME. but I'm still not convinced he can win consistently here. Wisconsin runs the type of offense Lovie learned how to coach against 30 years ago. IF he can show he can stop the RPO/spread, he can stick around. Great win today though.
I am very happy for those players, especially the seniors. They deserve a moment like this!

And how about Lovie showing some of that emotion after the game and at the post game interview.

You got 5 more games Lovie. This aint over!!!!
This season is not over. Lovie still has more to prove. But that is two games in a row that this team showed some fight. Need to give me more to be convinced 100%
Last week Mich was looking past us to Penn St. This week Wisc was looking past us to OSU. I understand if people want to make those arguments. I am not. I saw fight and desire. Show me next week and prove you are legit