Illinois 31, UConn 23 POSTGAME

Little Rock, Arkansas
The refs are supposed to call anything close and let the booth confirm, and of course the booth can call it as well. Right in front of the ref and the booth; maybe it wasn't so obvious. I've never seen a hit like that called targeting in any game before, have you?
For sure. In several of our games as well as like every game coached by Tracy Claeys while he was the interim at Minnesota.

Basically, if you hit a guy hard enough that the hit itself would make the tackle or knock the guy several feet in the same direction of the tackle, then it is a forcible enough hit.

I mean that’s something roughly 200 lbs going fast enough to immediately change the direction of something else that is roughly 200 lbs (and is going in the opposite direction). Then take that hit and isolate it to the head region and you have the hit by the UConn player.
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