Illinois 54, Rutgers 51 POSTGAME

It will likely change before the end of the year, but Michigan’s win over UNC is now only a Quad 3 win in the NET ranking, same as ours over Nicholls State.
UM did beat UNC when they had one of the best players in college on the floor. They’re dead in the water without Cole Anthony.
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tOSU at no #7 kinds of kills my confidence in their rating.

I cannot confirm nor deny this, but I think I heard last year that NET ratings gain more reliability as a season plays out (as most rankings should). It could be tOSU is about to be in freefall but haven't quite hit it yet. Or it could be that no loss in the B1G is a bad loss and their good OOC wins along with "good losses" are keeping them up.

just food for thought...
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Arizona in freefall hurts, though.
Watched the Beavers take them apart last night. They were playing incredible basketball. For those who don't like the weave, they should have watched Oregon State running it to great effect. Arizona looked like a team in the B1G on the road.
If you have two teams with the same record, one of whom tore through the nonconference beating a bunch of then-overrated teams and then stumbled through the conference season...

Are you talking about Tre Young's Oklahoma team?
Kind of late to the party but I wonder how much better Rutgers would be if Eugene Omoruyi had not transferred to Oregon. On a side note, Cliff Omoruyi, C, just announced his top five and Rutgers is one of them. Maybe Rutgers will become the stopping place for all players named Omoruyi who play center.