Illinois 64, Michigan 52 (OT) POSTGAME

I don't care for Dakich, he's generally a poor announcer and overly opinionated. Some of his calls have bordered on amateurish. I agreed with the Mayor actually, the mute button works well...
Very proud of our team. And our coaches. Not sure I have ever seen a game like that, and I have been watching the Illini closely since 1975.
Go back to the Arizona game and the great comeback/OT victory .. last night not quite to that level but such a grind out win
Groce is now an impressive 19-6 in OT or games decided by 5 pts or less during his career @ Illinois. Says something about his coaching strategy down the stretch.
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Love the look on the faces of all the team!! Game tying 3!:D

This is a silly detail to notice, but Kendrick always wears Nike's with some Simeon blue in there. It clashes, but it's a cool hat tip he's made his own.
Good photo. He didn't look quite so open on TV, probably because of the camera angle.
Ball fake before the pass makes all the difference. Little stuff counts. Wing came up and did not split the distance. Recovery a lot harder
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I thought the minutes Mav gave last night were good. Slid into the lane and cut off a drive. Kept his hands up. Match ups were not favorable but he is showing signs of catching up to the game
I think Dan Dakich is a great announcer and last night was a very good example.

BTW, while the game was far from pretty and the Illini shot poorly for most of it, the team had only 7 TOs. Pretty darn good.
That is pretty amazing when you think of the young guards we play and Egwu who has really bad hands. Speaks volumes of how the guys take care of the ball. Tate, Starks, Nunn and Hill are pretty good taking care of the rock. Rice too.

It's a reason I think they really have a chance to jell and be tough come tourney time.

1) good ball handling
2) shoot FT's
3) some outside shooting
4) Young bigs getting better to support Egwu on D and on the boards
5) went quick a couple times last night and forced a TO.
6) Having Rice back deepens the rotation a lot.
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Excellent shooting form on that shot by KN, just look at that hand under the ball ready to put some serious spin on it!!

Just saw on FB that we set a record Assembly Hall attendance figure last night...17,087. Sorry...SFC record...
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I am just wondering, has anyone ever seen such a complete domination in any overtime, any sport, anywhere? 14-2! AND, with the last 7 points of regulation, 21-2!
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I am just wondering, has anyone ever seen such a complete domination in any overtime, any sport, anywhere? 14-2! AND, with the last 7 points of regulation, 21-2!
Nope. I've watched highlights of some lopsided overtimes, but a 14-0 run is the largest I've ever seen. Add that to the 7-0 run to end the game, and this one is well past the line where we ask 'why doesn't that happen to us?'. It's something positive that most programs will never experience.

It is likely unique. Parts of it MIGHT even be historic.

21—Nicholls St. (86) vs. Sam Houston St. (65), Feb. 4, 1999
(23-2 in the ot)
Evansville, IN
Well... I will say that those records are missing a few here and there.

Illinois @ Clemson in 2009 (23-pt 2nd half deficit overcome) and Duke's Miracle Minute are conspicuously absent.