Illinois 67, Indiana 66 POSTGAME

As I saw it, IU seemed to get a ton of good breaks and shot the ball well while the Illini just kept chopping wood. In the end, one good break proved the difference for our guys. After heartbreaking one point losses to Maryland and MSU, it was nice to get one on the plus side. IU is a good team in a league of good teams with little difference from top to bottom. That the Illini have won 12 of 18 is a tribute to having raised their level of effort and hard work over the course of forty minutes...and Kofi's contribution at both ends as a solid player for a frosh. I sure hope he comes back and improves his handle and shooting as if he becomes automatic from 10-15 ft. with a jumper, he can have a long NBA career. If not, he would be well served with eventually a meaningful degree after a short NBA career. As hard as he works and with his seemingly good mechanics, he can likely become that player and have a solid career as a professional in the NBA, but most anyone knows he needs at the college level first.

Regardless, the Illini keep pace with an outside chance at a share of the conference title. Now we will see if OSU deserves a top 25 ranking over the ILLINI (which seems laughable and without any foundation). Got to go to Columbus with a chip on the shoulder and something to prove. Let there be no doubt the Illini can win this one but they have to be hungry.
I agree, great win regardless. we match up poorly with Indiana. Very long and athletic, gonna be really good next year. Great game by Kofi, Feliz=Amazing, and finally GB hit some close shots and had a few boards. Love Damonte's toughness and attitude. Is he this teams Bully? Great win, man crowd was way to quite for huge periods of game.
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One of these days I'm going to have a heart attack because of these games. So glad to beat Indiana! Maybe it's my age but they are still the biggest rivalry for me followed by Missouri. This reminded me of the Hensen vs Knight years, close intense games that kept you glued to your seats until the end. I would love Underwood vs Miller to be the next long lasting coaches rivalry between the two Universities.
M tipping over
I don't know how we pulled that off, but I'll take it!
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Man, I hope that the staff has figured out how to bottle AF's tenacity and focus for next year's team. We're going to miss him soooo much. And not only at the margin with plays like diving for loose balls and tearing rebounds away at the end of games.
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I thought Indiana played really well and hit a lot of tough shots. They might have set the record for most circus shots made in a game. So good to see us still find a way to win. Maybe next year we can figure out how to push a lead from 7 to 15.
No gimmies in the B1G this year. Every team has talent. It could be an even harder slog through the league next year.
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He did a lot ml or than make a couple lay ups. Some big rebounds and D when DW went out because of size or to play the 3
Ya that wasn't sarcastic. I was mainly just making fun of the spelling of his name from the previous post i quoted :) Giorgi rocks
So great to hit 20 wins. Gutted this one out. IU seemed to hit all kinds of crazy shots, but we had some of our own. Pretty even teams if you take away Kofi. Please, not for another year. PLEASE!!!!!
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It feels like that clinched our spot in the tourney. Hopefully now just playing for seeding.
I feel like we were already in, but indeed, seeding is the issue now. Probably a 6 seed now, guessing. Win the next two and we're probably a 4 or 5, with a shot at the B1G title. Let's goooooooooo!
No gimmies in the B1G this year. Every team has talent. It could be an even harder slog through the league next year.
Been attentive to college hoops for 65 years and there is no league ever that has had close to so many good teams loaded with so much talent as the B1G this year. Look at Purdue in the bottom half of the league with strong play as well as experience at every position and yet get blown out twice by the Illini.