Illinois 69, Nebraska 57 POSTGAME

Central Illinois
Seeing Colbert hug Egwu at the end of the game got me thinking:

Even if Egwu's skillsets never quite developed as much as we had all hoped, how invaluable is his attitude/effort/work ethic on culture of the program? How much better do you think Colbert's college career will be because he had Nanna as an example and spent 2 years under his wing? That's the type of stuff that makes a winning program, and is what will make me miss Nanna so much.

Fingers crossed Colbert really pops next year and continues to set a positive example for future Illini. Beat Purdue!
Yeah, I was thinking about that, too. I'm sure Egwu will be in his ear just like he will probably talk to all the bigs about stepping up. Colbert just needs some muscle so his skills can really shine through.
Logan Square, Chicago
If Colbert can have a Mike Davis-like game, I will be more than happy. That's doable without putting on a lot of weight.