Illinois 71, Nebraska 64 POSTGAME

Lubbock, TX
If we could scrub the final 90 seconds of this game from the history books.....

Big win! Can't ignore the improvement at this point. Will be a fun "measuring stick" game against MSU at home.
In the last two minutes of the game, missed 8 of 10 free throws. Still, very strong performance in the second half up until that point. Great to see them pull out a win.
Won’t try to pretend I’ve been supportive of #2 throughout, but I love the Kipper we saw today.

Great energy. Good job by coach and team to stop big Nebraska runs (early first half was bad, but we weren’t really playing terribly).

Shoulda been a 15-20 point easy win but we are terrible at free throws.

Overall- let’s call it a good Saturday.
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Hard not to be happy for Kipper today.

Not pretty, but you get to work on things after a win. Good day.

Go Illini
We did enough to win and KN had a great game...only guy who could make FTs in last 2 min for us.

Need to have team FT drills at next practice...every missed FT results in 5 suicide sprints. We are in the running for 10th place in B10 too, fwiw.