Illinois 74, Northwestern 66 POSTGAME

Fantastic game for Alan Griffin. Great to see a kid enjoy himself like that. But......

Even with all of Alan's second half points, we played the lowly Northwestern Wildcats EVEN in the second half. That just can't happen.
Disagree. We won on road again and in this league that matters a lot. We suffered a tough stretch in schedule now we take the easier ones. Bottom line is we’re headed for 20+ wins. This is how you get there. I think NU has won at home in recent years.
Boise, Idaho
Absolutely better than what that record shows. With a couple years of experience and classes they will be a pain.
This entire conference is going to be really tough soon. There will be no easy games
I can’t wait to see the two sitting out play next season. They talk about other teams with guys sitting out how good they will be. So will the Fighting I’ll. With recruits and the two red shirts plus BBV.
the Front Range
I really enjoyed that one. At this point, I am trying to enjoy every game bc this team is special. Next season has me excited but I really like our pieces on this team. 5 different guys have scored 20+ pts this season (per coach) I can come up with four Allen, Ayo, Trent, kofi, and Dre(?)
Where can you order the throwback jerseys? I haven't seen them....
Let's put it this way... They take a very very long time to get here. Google throwback Deron Williams jerseys and you'll find it. I bought a Gill one this year and love it
Some serious output by 3 players, DMW still doing the little things, Kipper fouls and is lost for rest of game, Giorgi???, anyway good road win in a supposed to win scenario.

The team in general looked alot more active tonight, the cuts were crisp, the passing on point, and the flow helped the offensive sets and shooting by Griffin in particular...good win!!