Illinois 75, Northwestern 71 POSTGAME

Rusty win, damn layoff's, today a ton of Top25 teams went down...we did not!

Congrats to the team, Trent Frazier for his milestone.

Better figure out some things for on the road though against the lacrosse PG and BabbaBuie who will be back by then.
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Trent, Giorgi, Ayo "The Closer" Dosunmu - A+
Spencer, Kopp, Beran - A
Four game winning streak - A
2nd in the Big Ten - A

A's all around. Great game by both teams. Love that we won this huge game. I-L-L!
Ayo and his clutch shots truly amazing. Equally important Brad moved him over to guard Spencer and his length on D was also a big factor.

Illini Good Game on O. Not so much on D.