Illinois 78, Nicholls State 70 OT POSTGAME


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Defense - especially in the half court - is atrocious. Has not changed since Underwood got here.
Not how I wanted it to go, but an 8 point win against Nicholls State on day 1 looks pretty much exactly the same as a 30 point win on our tournament resume. A loss would’ve either kept us out or dropped us 2-3 seed lines. Thank you Feliz. Now let’s go find Trent’s shot and take care of the ball. A team with three point guards starting shouldn’t have 23 turnovers.
Didn't watch the game, but how does a team ranked in the 300's hang a 19-4 run on us in about 4 minutes in crunch time? I've been wary of believing all the hype we've been getting, but no way did I expect that. Ugh.
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I almost posted something pregame about the idea that having Kofi’s dominant size game against lesser competition should prevent us from having to endure any embarrassing losses like Winthrop and FAMU, or embarrassing close games like Chicago State. So much for that.

We have talent, and more coming in... I’d really like to see evidence that we have coaching in actual games, and not just references to 30 win seasons at Stephen F Who Cares University.

Please let this be the wake up calm and not the omen a la Eastern Illinois last year.
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Let's all take a deep breath. If we didn't have the Illini Drama Club, what else would we have?
Not pretty, and I almost paid the 9.95 monthly prescription price, but decided not to at the last second. Glad I didn't have to watch the game.

Always Illini !!!
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What a trainwreck. Incredibly lucky to survive.
The turnovers. Wow.

Seems like that's something coaching should be able to address: ball security, working within the offense and finding open guys instead of forcing plays, those kinds of things.

And what's up with Kipper Nichols? 0-2 from the field, three TOs -- rough night off the bench.