Illinois 78, Nicholls State 70 OT POSTGAME

I put this one on the players. They took their foot off the gas. This team needs to hit their free throws or our ceiling dips significantly IMO. On the positive side, I’m optimistic this will be a wake up call. Take the W, learn from this, and flush this game down the toilet.
For the third straight year our half court offense stinks!
I thought it last year and this game cements it, Feliz is the best all around player on this team.
Not sure how any NBA General Manager can think Ayo is a lottery pick.

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Where was Alan Griffin in the 2nd half? Best (arguably) player in 1st half gets very little time in the second. At least that is how it seemed without seeing the full box score. I'm starting to wonder about Underwood.
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Step away from ledge everyone. You're never as bad as your worst game or as good as your best game or something along those lines. Anyway, they went through a stretch where everything they threw up went in and at the same time we had a lid on the basket. I remember a few years ago under Gross when we shot lights out for the first few games, then we couldn't buy a basket the rest of the season. Hopefully that's in reverse of this year. We will be fine.
Kipper with 16 minutes: 0 points, 2 reb, 0 assists, 3 fouls, 3 turnovers.
Trent’s 0-for-9 shooting is really the only other thing that jumps off the stat sheet to me other than a mountain of turnovers.

The stretch at the end was ridiculous with missed layups, bad drives, turnovers on our end and can’t miss shooting on their end. Just hope it was a perfect storm that didn’tquite sink us.
Last year we were bottom 10 in Ken Pom luck with all our close losses. We deserved one of these to bounce our way, and this year it will count.

The team had a terrible game but it can happen anytime. Won't panic without more data. They have talent, experience and leadership -- my bet is they figure things out.

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I thought we were a lock for the tournament this year. Not anymore. This win reminds me of the loss to Eastern in the exhibition a couple of years ago. Hope it is not the same harbinger of things to come for this team.
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Is this the type of win you want to being your season with against a cupcake? Of course not. Is it time to jump to conclusions about how this season will go? No. Trent will have better games, but I would prefer if the team didn't have to rely on their starting 5+Griffin for the bulk of their scoring. Kipper and Damonte really need to up their games in that regard.
I can not remember ever feeling like this after a win, i want to and will stay positive but damn that was a bad 15 minute period in the second half. 1-0
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Seriously, how do you out-rebound a team 53-23 and let a game get into overtime? That game should’ve been an easy win alone, then add in those rebounding numbers, that’s a strange sign, hopefully we can turn that to our advantage and we’re fully capable of doing so, but on the flip side if we can’t turn something like that into an advantage over the course of the season, then that’s not a good sign of things to come
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A 16-0 run by them down the stretch. Who was tougher? Not us.

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Curious how the game trended after the coach put his son in early in the 2nd half. If you want a killer instinct, what was the message there?
Exactly right. What was the purpose? Griffin needs to play more than 16 minutes and you've got Tyler in there? Again, I question Brad's in game coaching more and more. Griffin gets the same number of minutes as Kipper who gave us nothing.