Illinois 79, Michigan State 74 POSTGAME

So proud of our boys. I didn't think we had it in us to finish this game and they proved me wrong. SO SO SO glad to be proved wrong. What a special moment for them to beat #9 MSU at home and have the court rushed by the Illini faithful. A crappy season is helping us grow AND get unforgettable memories/moments for these young players.

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Shouldn’t confuse you, they are young and starting to play better D and better offense! Also finally making some clutch plays.

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Team has come a bit of a way since losing to Florida freaking Atlantic. Wow. Happy for them.
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That was fun and interesting. I worried when MSU took the lead. So happy with the comeback and win! I N I
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I had business today n dudnt use my tickets....I'm pissed....some things mean more than a buck.....but it was supposed to be icy tonight. . I hope it is in CU n Dan Dakich bust his !!! leaving the the Illini W
This is the team we should expect to see in he future. This is the system we were excited about when Underwood was hired. IT WORKS!
Yeah, I am so very happy to look back at my posts earlier about how disorganized we were, and see that it just took longer than we wanted or thought.

This team is inspiring!
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Wow, that was awesome! We needed a win like that. This is what I remember Illini hoops feeling like.

Ayo was clutch, so was Trent at the line. Feliz had a great game.