Illinois 79, Purdue 62 POSTGAME

Iowa City
Damn. Had to turn it off to coach some 1st and 2nd grade girls hoops. I didnt not expect to see this score when I got out of practice.
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And again I know I will draw aspersions but... the frustration of not starting might have a itty itty litty itty bit to do with this.. Has he not earned a starting position? Prior to this...AND REMEMBER YOU BROUGHT IT UP
He has a history of doing this stupid petty stuff and thinking he will get away with it by playing dumb. I really hate that aspect of his game. He seems to hunt for cheap shots sometimes.
Guys! I think it's finally safe to say that Illini basketball is back. It's ok to dream of a Big10 title. It's ok to start thinking BTT championship. It's ok to pick Illinois to make it to the second weekend of the big boy tournament. We're as legit as any team in the B1G. Bring on Michigan.
I need to ask this because it frustrates me. How does Lunardi have Rutgers as a 3 seed, Palm has them as a 4 seed.....and we're 9 and 11 respectively?

I'm assuming ANOTHER road win will change things a bit?
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Awesome win! I can't believe how good we are playing defensively. We were focused the entire game. Hats off to the players and coaches!!!!