Illinois 79, Purdue 62 POSTGAME

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Watching the replay of the AG stomp.....NOT DEFENDING IT AT ALL.....but I think he might have gotten hot thinking the guy tried to roll up on his leg? If you watch close AG gets caught underneath him and his leg twists a little. Has to be a scary thing for BB players and potential knee/ankle injuries.

No excuse, he channeled his emotions horribly.
Two impressive road wins..just think if the Maryland game didn't get away! Two wins against long has that been?
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Posted this in pre-game thread - posting again:

My opinion is that Rutgers is way overachieving, and we might be also, but everyone knew we had this potential. With that, when they beat some decent teams and have a good record, everyone reacts a little different to it. If we played the same schedule as each other and had all the same wins and losses, they would look more impressive, because it is more unexpected.

It is like when we played them and the announcers wouldn't stop talking about their defense and how they are playing for 2nd place! Our D is better and more impressive and we were also playing for 2nd place!

Maybe I'm wrong, but this is how I see it.
We definitely see it the same way.
How’s the crow?

I might have underestimated. Still holding with three more total losses for the season....
Kofi much quicker to the hoop in the second half. (Not sure he dribbled once after the intermission.) Obviously, he's much more dangerous if he shoots (or passes out for an open three) before the defense completely collapses on him. Great game for Ayo, though he still had a handful of dribbling slipups. I guess that means he can get better still. Great to see Trent and Giorgi hit their threes.
Good times!
WOW, Kofi 22pts 15 boards. I didn't realize it until I looked at box score. That is phenomenal. Man, way to go kid. Kudos for your attitude an hard work. My goodness it has been a pleasure watching you so far!!!!!!!!!
No doubt. That Kofi kid might be good one day. lol I mean can you imagine him as he loses a few more pounds, gets in better condition and keeps getting stronger? I'm so glad he's seeing this kind of success after the hard work he's put in dropping pounds and working out. He could look a lot meaner next year. I mean... think of it! It's just phenom to see a student athlete succeeding like him and a dominant big at ILL? Much love. Frosh of the year.
How is he down? He isn't a victim. He needs to hear this kind of stuff, he's been acting like a punk a lot. He needs to change his ways before this gets him suspended/booted from the team, or worse.
That's exactly my point... "He's been acting like a punk alot" Get outta here with that garbage! He will hear it from his coach's and teammates, he doesn't need to hear it from you. Besides, in the games where we had no fight, he had it! I appreciate that. I don't condone his actions tonight but all this name calling and acting as if your holier than though is corny...
The only thing more satisfying than this win was watching Dakich having to endure it. By the second half, he had to resort to hyping Kofi up as a lottery pick because the prospect of him returning with the rest of this team (with or without Ayo) was clearly terrifying to him and all those hoosiers.
Well I told WBill and Skylbub that I would gladly eat crow if the Illini pulled out the win in Mackey tonight....had a prior commitment and just finished watching the recorded game.......I'll be damned.....played really well....never would have thought we would have won like that....this game I think is the turn the corner type of game...we are legit....probably the best road win in the past decade of Illini mens basketball.......Sorry guys that I doubted our chances of winning at Purdue.....alot of people will take note of this win,,,,,,,,Crow isn't really that bad after the first couple much for being realistic
If you watch and are aware of what winning teams do in the NCAA tournament...the kind of shooting displayed by Frazier is an absolute necessity. Hope is gets him going towards more confidence and a new standard of shooting. I hope Griff learns from his blunder as two guys who shoot like that make a team with inside presence like Kofi and Georgi pretty hard to beat by anyone. The tourney is always a crapshoot...and never more than this season. Moving the line out has taken some firepower away from a few teams and given a team with the makeup of the Illini a huge potential....if they can put the ball in the net from inside and outside. Time will tell but Underwood knows this and I am sure is trying to get all three of Trent, Ayo, and Griff as confident and efficient as he can. When you are raining triples and Kofi is shattering backboards with Georgi sneaking in dinks, dunks, and jumpers when least expected, teams just cannot keep you off the scoreboard in big numbers. Combine that with the growing tenacity and smart play at the defensive end and you have a winner!!!!!

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Out rebounded them by double digits. So was it poor shooting by Pu or good def?
Did you watch? I guess not. Great D! Held them to 8 total 3 pt attempts. They avg 9 made a game! Out rebounded by 20 I think!!
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