Illinois 81, Northwestern 76 POSTGAME

Decent game, Feliz in beast mode, fts fantastic, lots of rotations, Griffin got some tough love, we punched back every run. Good result.
I’ll take the win! About time we get a game where we shoot free throws like that and get a little home cooking! Definitely need to work in that 2nd half D.
The must win game of this season. On to the next.

Serious question. Can someone explain to me what the round about passing drill to start our offense is supposed to accomplish other than drop the shot clock to 10 seconds before we start to look at the basket?
Likes: beigh
Great win. I think the foul differential was owed to us attacking off the dribble and being more athletic. Finally nice to see them take advantage of our quickness. Also, I'd be sure to wager that Pardon or Law do not think they've ever fouled anyone in their life.