Illinois' Alma Mater statue to be preserved after 82 years

The Alma Mater has long been a symbol of the University. However, an on-campus group fears that the future of the statue could be in danger.

The Preservation Working Group is starting the long process of preserving the beloved statue, which is showing obvious signs of aging. The statue, cast by University alumnus Lorado Taft in 1929, is going on 82 years old.

"At this point, we're looking at the sculpture saying we've hit a critical point, and we need to start action," said Jennifer Hain Teper, conservation librarian and preservation group chair.
Orange Krush Class of 2013
Stanford, CA
Good to hear. Just get it done by Spring 2013 so I can get my graduation picture taken there!
Iowa Corridor
the Sun Singer at Allerton Park underwent a similar restoration 4 years ago... pretty cool process, but it isn't cheap.
Man, a whole year without the Alma Mater! :( Is necessary though, can't wait to see the results of the restoration.
Alma Mater to be moved for off-site conservation efforts

This summer, pedestrians near Wright and Green streets may notice that something is missing.

After commencement, the spot that’s been home to the 82-year-old Alma Mater sculpture since 1962 will be vacant and the campus icon may not return for nearly a year.

“We have stipulated that it be back on its base before May 4, 2013, because it’s a popular spot for graduation photos,” said Melvyn Skvarla, the campus historic preservation officer.