Illinois Alumni Team in TBT

I turn it on and see we’re up 31-20, Carmen immediately scores 8. My bad fam. Let me know how it ends 😔
New York
Bring back Thad! We were doing so well during his interminable interview.

great run by us, they punched back. Got to secure defensive rebounds and get the ball to daum and other capable scorers in spots to score.
That is why I love to have shooters on the floor. Got to be a way to exploit at the other end though if Paign can just take care of the ball. Sloppy, careless handling due to getting tired and frustrated.
I didn't realize you were allowed to hump as a valid form of defense in TBT. As long as your hands are up, I guess.
I'm a little surprised they're letting that go. It's one thing to allow them to play, but when you're giving the defender a distinct advantage, it's not right.
New York
Feliz killing it. Need a lot more help from others.
New York
Rayvonte and BP3 both would have been big.

second half - guard the three point line, keep Nnanna in the lane as our backstop and secure defensive rebounds. On offense, must get daum and hill more involved In spots where they can be effective.
Getting scary flashbacks of the old regime with this game. Egwu, Black & Finke barely existing on the floor. 1 or 2 people scoring.