Illinois Alumni Team in TBT

I think our lack of depth is hurting us.

we’re missing good shots which is sometimes poor luck and sometimes a sign of fatigue. They really hurt us on the glass and second chance points which is also a sign of fatigue.

Daum got that second foul in the first and we got lucky he didn’t pick up another. That was huge cause he really can’t come out of the game.
I feel like in the Round of 16, the teams with a game under their belt had an edge on the top seeds playing for the first time. The quarters might favor the less worn-out teams playing for the second time rather than the third.
Finally, someone has made an effort to throttle Daum and Feliz. Hill needs to be the Alpha Dog and he is not hitting a thing...nor is anyone else. This game is almost out of hand. Why has Vinales sat most of the game?
Landers all over the court and them hitting 3’s is the difference. Hoping for a miracle in the 4th.
Thank you 'House of Paign' for an enjoyable distraction this past week! Our lack of depth killed us at this stage in the tourney(3 bench players isn't enough). Bad luck came back to bite us in the butt with those players who dropped off the roster leading into the TBT. Plus, those easy shots not falling definitely looked like fatigue to me :)