Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Williams is pretty much a guarantee and he is the best athlete on the team. Getting the best of the bunch is always good plus it will justify the hire of Patterson. Washington's father and Paterson didn't always see things the same so I wouldn't count on him. Shammond is a toss up but he is really the last of the good ball players of the 19 class on that team. The rest of 19 are really 1AA or below type of kids that are being packaged with the big three. There next wave of Power 5 talent kids are 2020 but they lack size.

I remember this post back in Feb. What are your thoughts now? I will say I was pretty spot on.
Remember when he committed and tweeted this

In case the link doesn’t work, he committed to us and said “not going anywhere”. Hopefully he doesn’t. I don’t mind that kids have the right to change their mind, I just wish they weren’t so absolute about their commitments if they aren’t actually 100% sure. (Sort of like Beason and Williams have been it seems) I wonder if there is more to this than simply him changing his mind and being willing to go back on the commitment. (Like the coaches ignoring him or recruiting over him or something)

This is really a case where Miami just offered him this week. If they had offered him 2 months ago, he probably would have picked MIA from the beginning
Sure seems to me that we got a commit today. Coach Patterson tweeted he was very happy after "that" conversation. I believe he, Coach Clark, and Lovie were visiting Dru Mathis today.
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This is really a case where Miami just offered him this week. If they had offered him 2 months ago, he probably would have picked MIA from the beginning
The only way to stop this type of stuff is to dump "National Signing Day" and the second a recruit commits.....he signs. Period. If he commits in July...he signs, all done.

It keeps the kids in check and MOST importantly, it keeps the coaches in check.
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Hearing Luke Ford is becoming a real possibility.. I was in the group of "no way he's coming here" so I'll happily eat crow if it happens.
Where do you see the Luke Ford transfer rumblings at ?
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If they were going for Dru Mathis, does that mean things are iffy for Cooper? Or will we take multiple LBs this class since Mathis is a Juco.
Mathis, Eifler, Hansen, Harding, and Cooper would be a solid line backing corp. Still mediocre at best in the BIG but that’s at least 5 players I would trust to start and have compete come next season.
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Cooper would solicit this type of response. The lack of a news leak could imply someone that is wanting to wait to make the announcement.
He's said that he wants to announce on January 3 at the Under Armour All-American Game.
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Cooper already a done deal...
Plus he would be choosing us...on national the Under Armour All American Game...where almost every other recruit is going to a powerhouse. But he would be there with Marquez and Isaiah so this team that has made 1 bowl in seven years would have 3 commits there and 5 total the past 2 years.
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