Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Once the LOI all come in can someone put this class in perspective for someone like me who does not understand how you rate a good class v an average class v not such a good class ON PAPER. I FEEL we have a really good class coming in but don't know how to judge that.
I don't think we can judge it based on today since Cooper won't announce until January 3rd.

Overall it is good. The main disappointments would be the lack of OL and WRs with OL being the most alarming. We have to get at least one more HS OL in this class.

Coleman was a huge get as he should rise in the rankings. His ranking is low since he did not play football last year and I'm guessing 247 sports was rating him on his film from two years ago.

Cumby is also a big time get (if he signs). He should be a slot WR next year and he should excel in this offense.

Add Randolph and we can flip Pearl to OL, which should probably happen anyways. Would be nice if Randolph could be a Woods type of DL who can play at SDE and 3 Technique DT.
On the recruiting sites and "on paper" this class won't look great. That is simply because it is a small class and we will finally be close to top heavy with the junior class. If you look at the average ranking of our recruits though we are in the top half of the B10. Still have to see what Shammond does. Could go from good to great with just one commitment.
Thank you everyone for the explanations.
Second that. This class is feeling like a real step up in terms of getting impact players.
I think it’s a balancing act as a coach. When Lovie got here, we needed everything, but we needed players that could build a program. I think the roster has that. This ear we needed play makers to step our game up. As it looks now, we will have a team that can compete in the big next year. Personally, I’m excited for the next few years
Said before the year that this class should be valued based on their 247 AVG rating instead of class ranking. This is because 247's class ranking calculations are heavily weighted by quantity of the class. Therefore, Illinois had to make progress by bringing in better recruits.

As of now, Illinois's AVG rating has them 7th (tied with Purdue). Now, add Cooper, Randolph, and get recruiting ranking bumps from Coleman (certainty) and Cumby (maybe?) and they'll be at similar levels as Wisconsin and Michigan State.
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