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I hope he has a rational voice in his circle if these are his concerns given all that is going on at Miami right now. They just hired Dan Enos to run the offense, so the system will be new for JT no matter what. And based on what I saw out of N'Kosi Perry this year at QB for the U, you could probably make the argument there are more talented arms in the Illinois locker room... especially given a potential grad transfer. If he wants to showcase his talents for one more season, I'm not sure going back to Miami is even his best option.
If he gets his waiver and can play here immediately, im with you, but if he doesn't, sitting a year wont help his money making cause. I'd have to believe Miami will be in the QB transfer market. Who knows.
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JT is not in school to be classically educated. He wants to play one more year and go to the pros. He will not be at Illinois because he can not be certain of getting immediate eligibility. He will return to Miami for that reason.

Estes is different. My understanding is that he has done very little at Minnesota for us to get that excited. Did Estes approach us to transfer, we could not approach him? Did JT promise something he couldn't "I'm going to transfer to Illinois, why don't you join me, it will be a blast".

Did Estes hear what he wanted to hear?

I've had many employees come to me and ask for something that I knew would be very difficult to do but my response would be "I'll check on it and let you".
When they got the "no" so often their response would be "But you promised".
I will say that if Jeff Thomas doesn’t come that is better for the staff in trying to get Isaiah on the field immediately. If he doesn’t win the starting QB job, he would probably get a chance to start at WR, most likely slot. Obviously would rather have Jeff, but there is always something positive to look towards.
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He's already exhausted two years of eligibility. Playing at a junior college is not a possibility. Or am I missing something obvious?
No you’re right. I simply meant he could step down a level and still play and (incorrectly) said Juco and not FCS.

Illini fans rest easy tonight!(y);):hailtotheorange:
Hope you’re right! But if it doesn’t work out, I won’t hold it against ya. :thumb:
The Transfer Portal
Guys, we've all gone a bit crazy after the Mark Smith thing. Ford will not be eligible and Thomas very likely would not have either. There's actually a relatively low chance Thomas was going to ever play a snap for us, frankly.

We got kinda-sorta blackmailed into supporting Smith's waiver. Miami and Georgia have absolutely no reason to do the same, nor should they be pressured into doing so, frankly.
Tut-tutting people like the NCAA transfer rules make any sense and are applied with any sort of rationale or consistency is, uh, not the best look.
Penn State just added a safety, WR, and LB in the transfer portal. Interesting....
There will be more coming from State College. With the exception of Lamont Wade (the borderline 5* safety who just never managed to put it together), the other kids transferring are 3* types who came to Penn State before the major talent infusion. Now with back-to-back top-10 classes -- and the emergence of several freshmen leading the team -- those kids that went to Penn State when they were still recovering from sanctions are realizing that they're being recruited over.

But this is becoming a bigger trend in CFB. The days of kids spending 4-5 years on campus and patiently waiting to get PT seem to be diminishing. In a sense, CFB is mirroring society's instant gratification culture, and I suspect we're going to see more transfers than we've seen in years past.
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Tut-tutting people like the NCAA transfer rules make any sense and are applied with any sort of rationale or consistency is, uh, not the best look.
I'm as contemptuous of the NCAA as anybody, but I think there's *slightly* more method to this specific madness than we're allowing in this conversation.

The Mark Smith thing scrambled everybody's circuits in terms of what was allowed here. But the Mark Smith thing happened because Mizzou and Smith sent in a waiver with a laundry list of Brad Underwood's worst behavior and told Illinois that if they didn't agree to every word and support them with the NCAA that they'd go public with that stuff and raise hell among the St. Louis recruiting scene and because of the tenuousness of the Underwood situation and the importance of that recruiting market to both sports, Whitman had no choice but to pay the ransom. It's gross, but they caught us over a barrel.

Miami and Georgia are not under pressure here at all. Both of these players are leaving strictly because they'd rather play for Illinois, and so long as their former schools treat any other justifications as the pretenses that they are, Illinois doesn't get the waivers. Nor should we, if this system is to make any sense.
That would be a big sway for us. I don’t think he’s Ira Henry but there’s a lot of talent there and he’s an FSU commit. We’ll see.

Sounded like we’d have a number of kids in this week. We’ll see if anything comes of those visits.
He isn't a FSU commit, just has an offer from them. If they get a commitment from Ira Henry, we might be Claiborne's best option.
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He isn't a FSU commit, just has an offer from them. If they get a commitment from Ira Henry, we might be Claiborne's best option.
It's weird how we're battling FSU for so many recruits at the moment.

He's part of a laundry list of players visiting FSU on the 25th. I guess the plus side of that is they can't give him or Cooper a lot of attention but I'm sure we would prefer to have Cedric on campus when Marquez is here as well.

I'm guessing we can put the full court press on Claiborne this weekend.

Nice projectable OT who can gain weight and add depth in a couple of years. I always like OL recruits who can start out at OT and then move to interior OL later on.
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Illini fans rest easy tonight!(y);):hailtotheorange:
Okay guys I officially give up 🤦🏻‍♂️
Big swing for 12 hours - I actually was resting easy based upon last nights quote, lol Thanks for giving us what you have when you have it 0440 - i'd just like more of the former than that latter, please!

How could he have till the 23rd though with school starting today (i think)?
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