Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Writer in Tampa Bay paper who covers FSU says Fields will head to either tOSU or Sooners. His biggest concern is with the O-line at FSU. No reason that shouldn’t favor us, especially after when he sees who signed today - not to mention knowing what Coach Rod brings to the table. But if that pipe dream doesn’t materialize, sure hope Tate works out!
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Between Rivers, Robinson, Taylor, and now Williams, I think we can find at least a decent QB already on the roster. Perhaps not Tate level good, but for the first time in a long time, the QB position is not a concern of mine.
Lovie Smith press conference

Lovie Smith: Always start recruiting our home state, but St. Louis was very good for us this year. Didn't do as much in Florida but we really hit up Texas.

Lovie: Marquez Beason "one of the top players in the country. He and his family bought into what we were saying and what we were building early on."

Reiterates that Marquez will play CB

Lovie: Isaiah Williams "athletic, can make all the throws, great leadership ability."

Lovie: Felt like we had to add good players to defense, and we were able to do that.

Lovie: Third class should be your best class.

But the class is incomplete right now. Other additions will be coming.

Lovie: "I feel this class will change Illinois football."

Lovie: "Kyron Cumby brings speed. One of the first things I ask is, 'Can a guy run?' I want a fast football team. Kyron Cumby is one of the fastest guys around period."

Lovie: "We'll be adding more, maybe sooner than later."

We look to improve our ball club in anyway, grad transfers, transfers. We'll look at all avenues.

Lovie: You don't anticipate a lot of guys leaving. College football has changed with guys quicker to transfer. Don't anticipate other guys transferring.

Lovie: @griffnmoore as much as anything we look for good athletes. Griffin played QB, is an excellent basketball player, good student. Just looking to add good football players

Lovie: Have communicated with Lere Oladipo. No decisions made. Still gathering information. Certain standard we expect from our ball players. If they don't meet those, we'll wish them well. Nothing to report right now.

Lovie on extension: Great that university has confidence in the direction of our team, not just from me but in our staff. That's what I've gotten from Josh Whitman.

Disappointed in record so far, but it's a process. We know that we're going to get better.

Lovie: "This is my last stop." Excited for me, but I'm excited for our staff.

WR Donny Navarro adds great speed, quickness. Will get into mix this year.

Lovie: Caleb Griffin will have an opportunity to be our kicker.

Lovie mentions Larry Boyd and Verdis Brown are big additions. LB Milo Eifler another impact player.
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So, Tate notwithstanding, would this be considered best (realistic) possible outcome for today?
So, Tate notwithstanding, would this be considered best (realistic) possible outcome for today?
Adding Dru Mathis would have made it perfect. They really wanted/needed him in this class and Illinois was there until the end.

Will probably have to hit the transfer market for an instant impact MLB.
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