Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Are they allowing recruits to get out of their NLIs? This also assumes that Buford wants out and wants to come to Illinois which is a stretch. This is a one year ban and he is unlikely to play this Fall anyways.

I see that the NCAA is allowing Seniors to transfer without have to sit out:

OL-Trevour Simms (East StL) & S - Ronnell Perkins (StL) may be worth inquiring about
I don’t think we will vulture. But if people reach out, I’m sure the staff will be on top of it
Of course! Those are the 2 seniors on the Miz roster that I know we recruited, albeit the previous staff. And each would definitely compete for a spot
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Staff not sitting idly by... When the enemy comes in like a flood, elevate & raise the standard!! 🙌 🔶 🔷
Hmm. Just looked him up, though. His older brother goes to Colorado and he's taking an OV there starting tomorrow. Seems not likely. Too bad. Would be one heck of a late get.
It is interesting that he set his commitment date after he visited Illinois this past weekend. It probably is Colorado, but I am holding out hope. He has a chance of playing time immediately here.
Springfield, IL
Looks like he has another good friend from DeSoto there as well (in Colorado) - KD Dixon - he describes him “like a brother” on Twitter ... unfortunately, I won’t be holding my breath for this one
Makes you wonder. He is a two star on rivals. Quiet a difference.
FT35 posted this earlier in the thread but here is why he had the lower rating:

"Coleman didn't play football in 2017. 247 sports evaluated his Sophomore year film and gave him a rating of 80 which is a low three star. They probably never even heard of him until he started getting D1 offers in May."

His highlight tape is right up there with Beason and Williams imo. Give him a year or two to put 40 or 50 lbs on and he will be Whitney Mercilus
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