Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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We need a transfer. 3 qbs in one clas with none other on the roster doesn’t bode well. Williams will be ready halfway through the season (I think). We need someone else to step in. Robinson could potentially squeak us through the early season, but I would rather have someone with experience. I would like to add fink and bhebhe. If nothing else they have worked a bit on timing.
We don't have 3 QBs in one class. Taylor redshirted last season.
For those that do not live in the St. Louis area, Jaylon McKenzie the 8th grader with offers from IL and Mo already, was shot and killed last night. The kid was being labeled as the next big superstar. From my understanding, another level above Mookie type of athlete. Sad news
FYI Venice is not a good area
Terrible, just so senseless. RIP young man, prayers for your family.

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Posted in the other thread, but Stevens is apparently visiting Kentucky tomorrow. That was unexpected.
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