Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Made it through a huge recruiting weekend with 0 commits.
Only gonna focus on this sentence. Going off the past with this staff we’ve had commitments come after the big weekends, not necessarily during the big weekends. Usually there’s some leaks sure, but our staff has shown over and over that recruiting is a marathon with them.
Is the "Please respect my decision" sentiment directed at other programs' recruiting efforts? Or just haterz in general?
Well with the mookie to Illinois thing. Rivals wrote an article about the change of Illinois landing mookie cooper. The rivals guy said he thinks mookie cooper want to got to Illinois but he gonna wait to wacth the season first
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I heard mookie is down to two schools in his top 5.. one is the only school that matters and the other is miami... let's get it...
Miami???? Someone should point out all the negativity going on with that program to him
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