Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Miami???? Someone should point out all the negativity going on with that program to him
Manny Diaz has actually done a pretty solid job reversing a lot of that churn and negativity. Right now, he's got the #5 recruiting class in the nation for 2020 -- not bad considering how crazy things were at the tail end of the Richt era.

Decommitments are now becoming the norm. They've always been more frequent in CFB than in CBB, but even by CFB standards, it's skyrocketing.

Partly a generational thing, I think. The combination of social media exposure and the weakening of commitment in general. Must be maddening for coaches, but that's why they get paid the big bucks.
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He committed to Mizzou early this morning.
on the Werner show this morning, he said (I am summarizing and saying it without kid gloves) He not only can't get accepted to IL, he is probably going to have to go to JUCO before he goes to any Div I program.
Mookie... time to commit, dude.

Simple question. Who would he be doing this for, you or himself? There is a lot to recruiting and, making a decision in a rush is not a good way to do things. All schools tell you what a great school they are and how badly they need you. I actually leaned towards Stanford before I picked Illinois. It was a really close decision but, Illinois won out simply because I didn't like Stanford's dingy red tops when I went to visit. They actually changed the color the next year, lol. Still red but, not the dingy red. I am hopeful that he picks the school that is the best fit for his desires. I would love for U of I to get the kids that they are going after but, at that age, they do not need to be rushed into a decision.
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