Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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If we're talking about a wish list of Mizzou de-commitments that align with Illinois targets:

  • Jalen St. John (already de-committed)
  • Kevon Billingsley (DT/DE - East St. Louis)
  • Mitchell Walters (OT - Mehlville (StL)
    • Not sure the level of interest here for Illinois for Walters
I thought Billingsley looked great in the state title game this weekend. Was a real playmaker on the D line and played Prairie Ridge’s option attack really well - very disruptive against a tough scheme for d line.

[FWIW several of those ESL kids looked awesome - hopefully Lovie/Sunkett relationship can result in a few from there in coming years]
Cincinnati, OH
Is Illinois at the maximum allotted assistant coaches?
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