Illinois Football Recruiting Thread

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Don't know the situation but I was told (And I corroborated that with a well respected poster here) that we aren't interested in any of the Mizzou kids, St. John and Billingsley in particular. Working on flipping other names.

Disappointing to hear about Billingsley.
I don't know the circumstances of why he is transferring but we know sick grandpa isn't getting him a waiver. I would bet he would have to sit a year. I am assuming he is redshirting this year so he would still have 3 years remaining.
Without a waiver, 2 years.
Interesting since you said earlier that we would be interested in both. Must be new info from the staff.
I said I was interested. My guy shot that down pretty quick and as always, I did my due diligence to get it from a second, corroborating source.
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Without a waiver, 2 years.
Correct me if I am wrong, but if he redshirted this year, he would be a redshirt freshman next year (his sit year) so he would have three years left. Correct?
Ya I believe Werner said something along the lines of Lovie and the staff were led to believe St. John was coming to IL. And Lovie doesn't really play around with situations like that.

EDIT: To be clear, led to believe before he committed to Miznoz
That’s what I’ve been thinking. He doesn’t give second chance to guys who play games with him.
All I know is these recruits better quite playing around with my emotions and commit already. After all we don't have that many scholarships so commit now, and secure your spot.
Hoping the NW game doesn’t dampen the great buzz we had going. So far it doesn’t seem like it has, but I’m anxious for signing day to get here.
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Just to clarify, I'm not against HS recruits. Hardly. But very judicious takes of guys 2 years into a P5 program? Yes, please. Guys like that are ready to roll.
My question is, how many transfers do we have? I know some of these players want to play and won't have a chance here.